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Rose Curiel was born on August 21st, 1974 in Port-de-Paix Haiti. She moved to the United States at age 8 under difficult circumstance and was raised in Florida and is currently an American citizen and lives in Florida.

Both of her parents were born and raised in Haiti. Rose attended high school and later attended Florida Atlantic University for her bachelor’s degree and continued to Graduate school at Nova Southeastern University. She studied Accounting, Finance, and Business, earning an MBA. Rose Has three living brothers, and a sister who have passed away. She also has four sisters from her father’s side.

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A Suspense Love Story For All The Extraordinary Women Out There

While best romantic love story books entertain the love hunger, transporting them to the sparkling world of romance, the romantic thriller novels ignite a fire that brings in hordes of spectators to witness the sprouting of love against a backdrop of mystery, danger, and intrigue.

Rose Curiel has penned down one such exciting book, So Many Women which is a mix of romance thrill and suspense that will appeal to every romance thriller lover. It is the best suspense thriller books by Rose that will take you on a roller coaster journey of emotions where one second you will be clenching your knuckles white and the other melting in a pool of romance.

The love lust story gives you an insight into the world of struggles a woman in search of love goes through. So brace yourself for one of the best romantic thrill books of 2022 that you will read in one go!

A Perfect Dose Of Pain And Romance

This romantic novel book will touch the deepest corners of your heart and stir in you a well of emotions, turning you into a voracious reader, devouring every word. The unpardonable love lust short story takes you on a journey of love, betrayal, deceit, and longing, where someone you shared your many firsts with turns into a completely different person you try hard and yet fail to recognize.

So Many Women is an incredible suspense love story with gripping twists and turns. Love is a feeling that brightens up your soul, makes each day of your life exciting, and is overwhelmingly freeing. But when the same love haves you in a chokehold, your life turns upside down, and the searing pain leaves a forever void in you. Rose Curiel brings you one of the romance books for adults that will appeal to both women and men.

It is one of her best romantic suspense book series masterpieces with events and experiences of a woman betrayed by the very person she thought would never ever hurt her. Betrayal in any form is painful, but when it comes from someone you least expect of, from someone you have given all yourself to, it is devastating. This best romantic novel book shares the disappointment someone goes through when deceived not once but every time the person makes an attempt at trusting someone.

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Standing Up For All The Women Out There

Rose Curiel has beautifully portrayed the feelings and experiences of women caught between ambitions and the horror this society puts them through. Women are entangled and burdened with so many roles and expectations that they have to be careful what they wish for because all that they get adds to the list of expectations.

It happens many a time that things that appear to be so perfect and ideal that you secretly wish for it or envy someone who has it, in reality, turns out to be an ugly and gravest mistake of your life. So Many Women, one of the best romantic thriller novels, will make you think twice before wishing for something, for you will understand that all that shines is definitely not gold!

Here is one of the best romantic suspense thriller novels you will enjoy reading, and that will satiate your love and suspense buds!