Rose Curiel was born on August 21st, 1974 in Port-de-Paix Haiti. She moved to the United States at age 8 under difficult circumstance and was raised in Florida and is currently an American citizen and lives in Florida.

Both of her parents were born and raised in Haiti. Rose attended high school and later attended Florida Atlantic University for her bachelor’s degree and continued to Graduate school at Nova Southeastern University. She studied Accounting, Finance, and Business, earning an MBA. Rose Has three living brothers, and a sister who have passed away. She also has four sisters from her father’s side.

As a child, Rose never enjoyed reading books and only did so as a necessity for an education. As she became an adult, she realized the seriousness and need to read.

Rose’s interest in writing started in her 30’s and actually started writing her first book then. Life became busy and she chose to set it aside.

Rose currently works in the healthcare industry. Rose has two adult children and one teenage son.

Rose came up with the idea of writing the novel “So Many Women” after having some eye-opening life changing experiences and realized the need to tell stories from a woman’s perspective. Most of her writings were noted within Journals.

“So Many Women” is Rose’s first book and will be published in November 2021. A book about Compromising Love, Risk, Loss, Deception, Life and Death.