Best Romance Books For Young Adults 2022 Written by Rose Curiel

A Story Of Innocent Love

Rose Curiel brings you one of the best romance books for young adults that many of you would relate to. The fluttering of butterflies in your stomach upon seeing your crush or the unbearable waiting in the classroom for your love are experiences that most of us have been through. When those around you boast of ‘many fishes in the sea’ while your heart waits and aches for one, this best love storybook will take you back to those times.

One of the revered romantic suspense books of 2022, So Many Women, will remind you of the days when you think you can never have enough of your partner and when a few hours of wait seem like an eternity to you. The world warns you of your inability to distinguish between love and infatuation but the charm of having a lover whom you can emotionally rely on makes you stubbornly, innocently in love! Place your order now for the love storybook in English to relive the passionate days of being hopelessly in love.

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Standing Up For All The Women Out There

Rose Curiel has beautifully portrayed the feelings and experiences of women caught between ambitions and the horror this society puts them through. Women are entangled and burdened with so many roles and expectations that they have to be careful what they wish for because all that they get adds to the list of expectations.

It happens many a time that things that appear to be so perfect and ideal that you secretly wish for it or envy someone who has it, in reality, turns out to be an ugly and gravest mistake of your life. So Many Women, one of the best romantance novels, will make you think twice before wishing for something, for you will understand that all that shines is definitely not gold!

Find Trending Romance Books That Delight Even The Most Cynical Reader

This love and lust novel sheds light on the lecherous gazes of those in power who overlook the potential you have to satiate their evil desires. How a woman navigates her way daily through the clutches of these monsters who wait desperately for one move or one mistake on the woman’s part to impose themselves on her. These men think themselves entitled to take advantage of the vulnerability of women, underestimating the sheer reserve of strength, courage, and determination she holds within. Her calmness and patience are considered as her weakness. Little do they know, they are attempting to instigate a lioness.

As the most exciting book of all time, So Many Women, serves as a tribute to all the exceptional women out there who daily battle such monsters and fight hard to achieve their dreams. These men-monsters should know that a woman who climbs her way up the ladder of success is because she believes in herself and works for it and not because she is available for you to prey on.

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A Gripping Suspense Love Story Book

So Many Women is an incredible suspense love story with gripping twists and turns. Love is a feeling that brightens up your soul, makes each day of your life exciting, and is overwhelmingly freeing. But when the same love haves you in a chokehold, your life turns upside down, and the searing pain leaves a forever void in you. Rose Curiel brings you one of the romance books for adults that will appeal to both women and men.

It is one of her best romantic thriller books masterpieces with events and experiences of a woman betrayed by the very person she thought would never ever hurt her. Betrayal in any form is painful, but when it comes from someone you least expect of, from someone you have given all yourself to, it is devastating. This best love storybook shares the disappointment someone goes through when deceived not once but every time the person makes an attempt at trusting someone. One of the best storybooks for adults, you will find So Many Women relatable if you have experienced the traumatizing situation.

Finding Strength And Courage To Love Again

A broken heart and a shattered soul do not necessarily have to result from physical struggles and pain. The wounds carved out in someone’s soul are far deeper and more painful that hardly heal. Rose Curiel has relayed the story of one such broken soul who has to burden the weights of deception and betrayal in return for the immense love and physical struggles.

Despite the hardships, finding the strength to love again is a near-impossible task that a few courageous achieve. So Many Women introduces you to the amazing character who gave and gave in love and at one point lost herself in the process.

A Perfect Romance-Thriller For Your Evenings

Rose Curiel has penned down an exciting book, So Many Women, which is a mix of romance, thrill, and suspense that will appeal to every romance-thriller lover. It is the best suspense thriller book by Rose that will take you on a rollercoaster journey of emotions where one second you will be clenching your knuckles white and the other melting in a pool of romance.

The love lust story gives you an insight into the world of struggles a woman in search of love goes through. So brace yourself for one of the most romantic love story books of 2022 that you will read in one go!

When an unprovoked attack leaves Diana hospitalized, her family make it their mission to have Diana come for a visit. For the first time in a decade and a half, Diana finds herself amongst the bustling street vendors and the explosion of color and dancing at Carnival. While staying at her sister’s affluent house in Petionville, Diana meets Jacques in the crowd at Mardi Gras.

Diana and Jacques get to know each other and their attraction to one another is undeniable and Diana can’t work out why Jacques won’t make a move. That is, until she meets his family.

Jacques´ family run a famous rum distillery in Haiti. After he got into trouble, his hopes of escaping his family’s corrupt ways became less likely, with many secrets preventing him from moving on.

No one knows the baggage or the secrets that people carry. For Diana, she keeps finding scattered bones of the skeletons that Jacques has kept, but their love and attraction are so intense that she sees it worth pursuing. Jacques and Diana think that they are aware of their enemies. Explore the rich and authentic culture of Haiti through Diana’s eyes, as well as the intoxicating love story between her and her Island bad boy. Sometimes, your enemies are not the ones hiding behind dark street corners, they are the very people you break bread with.

If there is one thing you will remember about this story, it is the infatuation and love that all begins on that fateful night in Mardi Gras, after so many years away from home. “He Found Me” is an action-packed, cultural love story that describes the familiar feeling of belonging to both places at once. It records the unique experience of returning home when the word “home” has multiple meanings. It shows Haiti in all of its complex and contextual layers, and it celebrates the beauty of this place that Diana has yearned for. If only everyone wanted their love to last as much as Diana and Jacques